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1,1002: A Social Experiment

Video, Product, Research: An Installation for Art Dubai

1,102: A Social Experiment explores the tension between objects, display and the simultaneous experience of art and visual culture. Combining reproductions of objects from extremely diverse sources, the work challenges beliefs and value systems that define contemporary cultural production and our experience of the world. Toys, tools, rocks, plants, and wood, among other, have been meticulously cast in concrete and resin. Displayed on two long plinths, they are powerfully charged with a symbolism associated with exchange, society and our relationship to materiality and history. The constellation of elements questions cultural interaction, popular imagery and high art and reveals the effects of individual approaches, activating in this way a socio-political aesthetic experiment.

program: installation/art

location: dubai, uae

duration: 6 weeks

year: 2018

status:  exhibited Al Serkal Avenue

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