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Albalad Extraction

A Gated Community, A Study into Micro-Urbanism

with an aim at creating a micro-urban environment that has a variety of public walkways, courtyards, and terraces. al-balad was used as the major case study to extract the elements of successful close proximity living within the city of jeddah.

key points

1.this study is based on the assumption that the given plot will be a stand alone compound, non-divisible unique units that offer a variety of sizes and views/balconies/terraces
3.allow shared facilities to be scattered throughout the development to encourage pedestrian movement
4.achieving a micro-urban setting that allows for proximity yet respects privacy.

program: residential/mixed-use

location: jeddah, ksa

duration: 2 weeks

collaborator: dorchester estates

year: 2016

status: T.B.A

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