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A Doughnut Shop

DOTS is a brand that redefines the typical doughnut.

Dough, icing, sprinkles and toppings constitute the image of a doughnut.

Aside from the American stereotype that associates doughnuts with policemen, these small pastries remind us of our youth. It may be the colors, the sweetness, or the ease of consumption, but doughnuts are definitely a child's favorite dessert.


The material palette of the interior space reflect the playfulness of the pastry and its ingredients.

A colorful palette of terrazzo combined with a dough-like shade of chipboard come together to translate the food and branding into a memorable atmosphere.

program: retail/f&b

location: jeddah, ksa

duration: 12 weeks

collaborator: Pillars Holding Co, Architectural Harmony Est.

year: 2017

status: finished

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