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Unlimited Doha Design CompetitionDOHA 1-2-3-4

An Architecture/Urbanism Workshop by the British Council in Qatar

Doha 1-2-3-4 responds to the beginning and end of each journey made by both locals and visitors to Doha.

The design typology addresses a series of spatial and sensory experiences along a short section of a given journey, the point where the user is physically connected to their urban environment.

The design framework addresses a multitude of transport modes, moving from the Metro to the office, the car to the shopping centre, from the bicycle to meet friends or for those who are new to Doha and exploring the City.

A specific journey starts at the new Metro Pop Out on the corner of Al Ghanim at the junction of Al Matar
Street and B Ring Road. It takes the user due North, through two courtyards, past a significant old building in AlGhanim and concludes at the larger graveyard. In this instance working with the Doha Metro plan for Transit has re-informed development around each station.

Using this site, a realistic adaptation may be suited to a wide variety of situations.

The proposal focuses on creating a fully accessible route for users of all physical abilities in the form of a continuous surface that spreads across four key parts that are to be referred to from here on out as Doha 1-2-3-4.

program: mixed-use

location: doha, qatar


collaborators:  Will Sandy (Edible Bus stop)

Maysam Alnasser (1:1 Architects)

 Vincent Tse(1:1 Architects)

Suzi Pain

duration:  2 weeks

year: 2016

status:  shortlisted

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