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Sculpture at Amira Park

An Interactive Public Sculpture

upon visiting both ameera and faisal zahid park we felt that it was part of our responsibility as local architects to engage with fjp to provide a safe, healthy, and positive impact on these devastated areas of the city.

after studying ameera park, a sculpture was proposed to be constructed to serve as a monument for the entire area. this initiative was part of the wider strategy to establish a cultural identity for the park. this structure would be used in various ways by the public as well as enticing local artists and architects to visit the artwork; in return this may become a melting pot for designers and urban planners alike to further contribute in enhancing the area even more. 

program: mixed-use

location: jeddah, ksa

duration: 2 weeks

collaborator: friends of jeddah parks

year: 2015

status: T.B.A

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