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Geographical Child's Play

A Travelling Interactive Installation

Geographical Child’s Play begins as a map but moves towards an egalitarian collection of shapes connected by design and functionality as public furniture. By gently deflating some countries’ size and gently inflating others . Bright colours and low level hint at nursery furniture or playground equipment. The re-configuring of spatial relationships offers an invitation  to imagine geopolitics through the lens of play and a deliberately naive vision of hope.

The installation explores borders as abstract lines in Geographical Child’s Play, creating 22 coloured shapes – equal in number to the 22 member states of the Arab League. 
These are arranged as seating benches to initiate conversations and can form different constellations to offer new viewpoints of geographies, nations and the power to imagine other realities.

No unit can stand independently, but has to be supported by the others. 

For more information please visit:

program: temporary installation


location: Milton Keyens, British Museum, British Library, Southbank Centre,  London, UK

duration: 12 weeks

commissioner: Shubbak Festival

collaborators: Will Sandy, Rule One Productions 

year: 2019

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