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Haya Design Studio

An Interior Retrofit

This interior Retrofit Project Consists of 3 major parts: a bookshelf, fountain, and seating.

The Bookshelf

the bookshelf was a journey as much as a process at which brought forward a minimal yet meaningful element into an office full of creativity and critical thought.

the language:


the wooden pieces were collected from various derelict plots from around jeddah, binded together and craned into the space.


scaffolding posts were transported, welded with custom made steel plates, and spray painted.

program: office

location: jeddah, ksa

collaborators: local craftsmen

duration: 4-6 weeks


year: 2016

status: finished

The Fountain:

The Haya design brand is known for its iconic blue logo. The brand identity stems from the Sea, and hence integrating a water feature in the office space was imperative for representing the brand. 

the language:

A mirror reflects the movement of water onto the ceiling of the space to create a visual reference in addition to the audio.

The Seating:

To accommodate different social functions in the office space, a flexible chair typology was developed which may be disassembled and flat-packed.

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