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Madinah Art Center

An Addition to the City's Cultural Landscape

The Madinah Center for the Arts was commissioned by the Madinah Development Authority as a non-profit initiative

to introduce the city to the burgeoning art scene across the nation.

Madinah is one of the richest cities in the nation in terms of culture, history, and unique resources.

This Center acts as a beacon celebrating the city's culture, local landscape, and unique context.


  • 'mahd - addahab' - is a historic operational gold mine in the outskirts of Al- Madinah; the wealth of the city - FORM

  • palms - Al-Madinah is scattered with palm groves, it is emblematic of the city - LANDSCAPE

  • pilgrimmage - the key narrative that has shaped the city - ART AS TRANSFORMATION

  • the dome - the green dome, hovering above the burial place of the Prophet Mohammed; the epicenter of the city - THE PROPHET

  • the souk - an agora, the city's civic heart, what has historically shaped a community of tribes into a Madinah, a polis - COMMUNITY

program: mixed use

location: almadinah almunawarah, ksa

duration: 16 weeks

collaborator: -

year: 2017

status: competition entry - shortlisted

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