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Namaa Almunawarah

An Interior Retrofit for a Nonprofit Institution

Although the Holy Mosque in Madinah is place for worship, it is nonetheless a recepticle for many mundane daily activities. People eat, drink, sleep and gather around the mosque. This is what makes Madinah a very special holy place, it allows life to unfold naturally as an unseeming extension of the act of worship.


Namaa as an entity picks up on that subtltey and allows for the inhabitants of

Al Madinah to pursue their daily careers and develop the land and its local heritage.


To reference this seamless transition from sacred to divine, another architectural technique was utilizied, that of abstraction and dematerialization.

Familiar elements from the holy mosque such as archways and patterns are rearranged, taken out of context, and reimagined to reference the strong presence of the sacred  in this particular locale, yet affirm the immediacy of the secular/profane.

program: mixed use

location: almadinah almunawarah, ksa

duration: 24 weeks

collaborator: abbas sukkar contracting est.

year: 2017

status: finished

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