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Wa'bah Aristocratic Crater Kingdom (W.A.C.K)

Research, Essay & Graphic

Graphic Installation:

Graphics on Canvas, Etched Acrylic

130 x 60 cm


Distilled in a distant future, an economic need has risen. A new era comes to the forefront.
Abolish all that is old and build anew.

Natural setting:

The crater; resulting from volcanic activity, resonates with the inhabitant’s identity of this newborn city.


The simple life of meandering through the city and descending towards the crater each day is every local’s ritual.

Every person within the city belongs within it and is a part of it.

Built Environment:

The visitor would find all the dwellings tightly condensed and elevated above ground.

Upon further exploration he would soon find that most of the city encircles the eastern vicinity of the crater keeping the alleyways cool and glimpses of the crater appear at certain calculated vistas.

The crater itself has a civic skyscraper, soon to be known as WACK Community Center, all the city folk use it to accommodate their needs and desires, the surrounding open space is reserved as a public sphere.

The Result:

WACK is a remote city.
It soon fell and became deserted.
A place of ruins for tourists.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Cause:

Developments across the region were built without a particular rationality or a sense of place. Pick the largest plot possible in order to make a brimming new town.
Fast forward a few decades later only to find it in ruins. 

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